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  • ABE transfo, Power filter inductance
  • Type of equipment :

    2x24V transformer low disturbance and low overall height

    Input voltage: 230V
    Output voltage: 2x24V
                                (24V - 48V AC)
    Active power: 360VA
    Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
    Electrical class: I
    Naked version (IP00)

    Uses :
    Specific lighting energy control, electronic cards, etc.
    Natural protection against magnetic interference.

    Comments :
    Compact, low overall height.
    Intended for use in false ceilings.

    Dimensions (L x H x P) :
    Example : 160x60(max)x120mm

    Weight : 3.8 Kg

  • ABE transfo, Power Tri BT / TBT
  • Type of equipment :
    Power AC / DC and three-phase protected

    Input voltage: 3x400V ± 20V
    Output voltage: 30V <<5V DC
    Current: 1000A <<60A
    Active power: 3KW <<500W
    Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
    Electrical class: I
    Platinum version (IP00)
    Or hooded (IP21-23-33-54)

    Uses :
    Machine supply, electronic organs, batteries, etc ..
    Protected against short circuit..

    Comments : 
    Compact, simple, robust and effective (designed to be used in places without maintenance)..

    Dimensions (L x H x P) :
    Example : 250x260x300mm

    Weight : 65Kg