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ABE, manufacturer of specific windings and of all electromagnetic, electrical engineering equipment, fulfils all requests made by our customers.

These requests can be defined in a line, such as:

"One-phase 50 Hz 230 V / 24 V 1000 VA IP00 transformer"


by "complete specifications", including electrical and magnetic specifications, environmental and mechanical stresses, as well as manufacturing conformities depending on the standards in force, such as :

NF EN 61558 (formerly NF EN 60742);

NF EN 60076 ou CEI76 (formerly NF C52-176);

NF EN 60726 (formerly NF C52726 ou NF C52100);

CEI 60044-1 ((current measurement transformer);

CEI 60044-2 (voltage measurement transformer);

(non-exhaustive list)


As well as certain application standards :

NF C15100;

NF C15150;

-  Etc...

All our products are approved, labelled and accompanied by the logo

From these specifications we design all types of electrical transformers with characteristics of inrush current, joule losses, isolation voltages or even currents with specific loads and overloads.

According to the requested criteria, we can meet the requirements regarding BT and MT, with load currents of up to 1000A, isolation voltages up to 300kV DC and effective operating voltages up to  50kV. We determine the products working under of frequencies of 16Hz 2/3 up to  500kHz.

Each manufacturing launch requires the development of a technical and technological dossier, quality monitoring, a record of tests and a certificate of compliance if required or requested.



Please contact us for more details.


Please consult the non-exhaustive list of products available