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Transformers and coils for printed circuits

Characteristics :
Power: 0.5 VA up to 200 VA (depending on the frequency of use)
Frequencies: 50 to 500 kHz
Voltages: 1 V to 10 KV

Fields of use :
Transmission of a signal, a sinusoidal or pulse energy in any other electrical characteristic.

Applications :
-    Source of low voltage power from the sector ;
-    Conversion of low power or of average power (power supply with splitting);
-    Transmission of pulses (thyristors control);
-    etc…

These values are provided as an example and are not exhaustive of particular solutions.


  • Our recent productions in this range

Orderable electromagnet

  • ABE transfo, Orderable electromagnet
  • Type of equipment :

    Electromagnet's constitution with progressive field
    Input : 24 or 48 V DC
    Safety class : I
    Nude version (IP00)

    Uses :
    Supplying collage according to the charge to move

    Comments :
    Galvanic solation > 2 KV

    Dimensions : variable

    Weight : 500 gr to 5 Kg.

Forward transformer

  • ABE transfo, Forward transformer to decrease voltage supply
  • Type of equipment :
    Forward transformer to decrease voltage supply (2x 4 pins).

    For switched-mode power supply
    Input : 48V DC
    Output: 15 et 24V DC
    Power : 25VA
    Frequency : 200KHz
    Safety class : I
    Uncovered version (IP00)

    Uses :

    Comments :
    Higher than 2000V galvanic isolation
    Small price

    Dimensions : 30 x 14 x 25 mm.

    Weight : 40gr.

Isolation-step-down transformer

  • ABE transfo, isolation stepdowm transformer
  • Type of equipment :
    Step-down isolation one-phase transformer for a printed circuit.
    Input: 230 V AC
    Output: 12 V 0.1 A AC
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Electrostatic screen
    Uncovered version

    Uses :
    Power source which can be connected to the mains for a very low voltage use of 2, 4, 6, 12 or 24 volts.

    Comments :
    Available molded, with other connector configurations

    Dimensions : According to the power
    For example L x H x D (excluding pins):
    19.2 x 16 x 20.5 mm

    Weight : From 50 g to 1 kg

Thermo-adhesive wire coils

  • ABE transfo, Thermo-adhesive wire coils
  • Type of equipment :
    Coils, from a dozen spirals to more than a thousand, pre-formatted on a mandrel in the shapes and dimensions defined according to a drawing.

    Uses :
    Measurement, detection, magnetization, incorporated into a pre-defined shape, to the nearest millimetre.

    Comments :
    Retains a dimensional shape in the 3 axes.
    Preserves all vibrations between each spiral.

    Dimensions :
    Various and varied

    Weight : 0,02 à 1 Kg

Transformer "Forward" High Voltage

  • ABE transfo, Transformer Forward High VoltageTransformateur "Forward" Haute Tension
  • Type of equipment :
    Transformer "Forward" High Voltage (up to 10 KV peak), between 150 and 200 kHz.

    Uses :
    Regulated power point with protective grills subjected to a high electrical potential.

    Comments :
    Non-compliance rate <1 ‰

    Dimensions :
    32x28x25 mm

    Poids :
    0,12 Kg

This product is manufactured in series and uses protocols specific winding and assembly.