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Autotransformers and three-phase, three-one, two-phase LV, MV or HVA transformers

Power: 1 VA up to 20 kVA (depending on the frequency of use)
Frequencies: 50 to 1 kHz
Voltages: 1 V to 10 kV

Fields of use:
- Transmission of electricity from a one-phase network;
- Measure of an electrical parameter (current, voltage);
- Obtaining a quality-price ratio;
- Obtaining a simple and effective industrial profile;
- Obtaining an easily convertible product.

- Distribution cabinet from a one-phase network, with or without galvanic isolation;
- Independent transformation post, covered or not, according to a IP00, IP21, IP23, IP54, IP55 or IP65;
- Voltage stabilizer of ±1 or 2% from a highly variable network in amplitude (± 20%);
- Ferroresonant;
- Transformation post conditions comparable to ATEX;
- Extension of very low voltage, high current energy.

These values are given as an example and are not exhaustive for particular solutions.

  • Our recent productions in this range


  • ABE transfo, AUTOTRANSFO TRI Multi-tensions
  • Type of equipment :

    Autotransformer multi-voltage AC / AC controlled and protected

    Input voltage: 170V to 440V of
    Output voltage: 220V to 330V AC
    Active power: 3KW
    Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
    Electrical class: I
    Hooded version (IP23)

    Uses :
    Machine tool power control to adjust the speed and power of the machine.
    Protected against short circuits and overloads.

    Comments : 
    Compact, low profile depth (intended for use in workshops with air pollution).

    Dimensions (L x H x P) :
    Example : 470x500x275mm

    Weight : 85Kg

Three-phase flat-mounting transformer

  • ABE transfo, Three-phase flat-mounting transformer
  • Type of equipment :
    Three-phase electrical isolation step-down transformer.
    Input: 3 x 400 V AC ± 5%
    Output: 3 x 115 V AC 100 A
    Coupling Dyn11

    Uses :
    Flat-mounting in order to be incorporated into a three-phase inverter rack.
    Light-weight for better incorporation.

    Comments :
    Demarcation by the top to facilitate connections.
    Fewer losses, natural cooling (without ventilation).

    Dimensions : 490x270x495 mm

    Weight : 135Kg

Three phase transformer step down TBT 220 A per phase

  • ABE transfo, Transformateur triphasé abaisseur TBT 220A par phase
  • Type of equipment :
    Isolation transformer
    Hexaphase step down 3x420V / 3x (2x32V) 220A per phase,

    Uses :
    Three-phase current source.

    Comments :
    Isolation> 4KV effective
    Current up to 250 A timely. Low weight, low loss

    Dimensions :
    490x510x410 mm

    Weight :
    160 Kg

    Vacuum impregnation and pressure ...


Three-phase transformer high voltage

  • ABE transfo, transformateur abaisseur MT/BT

  • Type of equipment :
    Three-phase transformer for providing 3x100V 60A from a network 3x11KV.

    Uses :
    Excitation power three-phase motor from a BT MV network (or MT).

    Comments :
    Isolation> 25KV effective. Power on demand up to 18 KVA.

    Dimensions :
    850x550x260 mm

    Weight :
    260 Kg

    HT winding, vacuum impregnation and pressure, vacuum forming and pressure ...