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  • 3I

    Innovation Investment Industrialization


  ABE, manufacturer of electric transformers, designer of converters and solutions in energy source :

ABE, independent SMEs/SMIs, OCME exclusive partner, owner of  NOTBURGAT activities, makes its development in the realization of specific windings, on plan or model, of transformers and inductances dedicated to the electronics (SMC or classic).

ABE also dedicates its know-how for the power electrotechnics by manufacturing distribution transformers, insulation transformers,  circuit separation, BT, MT, HT, single-phased, three-phased, diphased, polyphased for various fields such as the industry, the agriculture, the aeronautics, the high technologies and research and development.
Our customers are first our partners.

  • Manufacturer of electrical transformers,
    this is our core business, now available to all energy and all electro-mechanical assemblies leading us to combine our various production converter.

    Innovation, investment, industrialization: 3 I
    which are an integral part of our commitment towards our clients policy.

    Our fields of application :
    electronics, electrical, automation, electricity, magnetism ... through crafts, agriculture, general industry, maintenance, rail, nuclear to the high-tech research.

    Our Specialties:
    winding, wiring, installation and assembly, control. Every product is built around a production file containing a definition drawing, an electrical diagram, a circuit diagram, a PV control in order to achieve all of our manufacturing process to the desired result.