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  • Since its inception in 1984, the company ABE has specialized in making coils on request.
    Its location in OZOIR LA FERRIERE in Seine et Marne (77), makes it very close to the Paris region, which as an advantage for supply and delivery deadlines (24/48H).

    ABE also intervenes in long-term contracts with large accounts. Its products are exported beyond France, all the way to China.

    Today, it is a team that offers its mastery of industrialization and the manufacture of coil components, from units to medium production runs. Our range of products extends from low to high frequency (> 500 KHz), from low to high voltage (> 50 KV), from a few VA to 500 KVA.

    ABE is trying to increase the quality of its manufacturing processes, by using different processing tools, based on the professionalism of its suppliers and by improving the design, coil winding, installation, wiring and crimping processes, etc…

  • Notre société ABE

The size of our company as well as its work organization allow us, among other things, to meet very tight deadlines, and even perform express productions in under 48 hours.

Our lightweight and compact structure makes ABE a partner ready to support you in your designs and developments, to develop prototypes and make pre-production items.