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  • ABE transfo, AUTOTRANSFO TRI Multi-tensions
  • Type of equipment :

    Autotransformer multi-voltage AC / AC controlled and protected

    Input voltage: 170V to 440V of
    Output voltage: 220V to 330V AC
    Active power: 3KW
    Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
    Electrical class: I
    Hooded version (IP23)

    Uses :
    Machine tool power control to adjust the speed and power of the machine.
    Protected against short circuits and overloads.

    Comments : 
    Compact, low profile depth (intended for use in workshops with air pollution).

    Dimensions (L x H x P) :
    Example : 470x500x275mm

    Weight : 85Kg

  • ABE transfo, Power supply AC / DC
  • Type of equipment :
    AC / DC filtered

    Input voltage: 230V
    Output voltage: 48V DC
    Active power: 150W
    Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
    Safety class : II
    Hooded version (IP65)

    Uses :
    Energy source continues, protected against short circuits, placed in hostile places for powering GSM relay transmitters.

    Comments : 

    Compact, low overall height (use in suspended ceilings for example).
    100% compatible with other electronic devices (prevents malfunctions and interferences between different low and high frequency signals).

    Dimensions (L x H x P) :
    Example : 180x85x135mm

    Weight : 4.1Kg