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  • - Rectified, filtered or stabilized power supply AC/DC, 
    - Variable one- or three-phase AC/AC power supply
    - Neutral coil
    - Smoothing or filtering inductance
    - Saturation choke
    - One-phase or three-phase voltage regulator
    - Ferroresonant regulator
    - Measurement transformer
    - Pulse transformer
    - Two-phase-Three-phase, Three-phase-Two-phase (Leblanc or Scott) Transformer
    - Twelve-phase Transformer
    - Low losses transformer
    - Flyback, Forward, Push-Pull Transformer
    - Six-phase transformer
    - Isolation transformer, all types of coupling
    - Isolating transformer
    - MV/LV, dry or coated transformer
    - Dry transformers board for ships

Working in partnership with the company OCME powersystem, we also develop technical and safety products which fit into the areas of :

  • -    Stabilised AC/DC power supply

    -    Variable AC/DC power supply

    -    Regulated AC/DC power supply

    -    DC/AC, DC/DC converters

    -    Transformers according to railway standards ...

All our products are guaranteed for 1 year including parts and labour, returning the product to our workshops is not included by the cover.

Our guarantees can be extended to 2, 3 or 5 years on request and depending on the product.  Contact us for more details.